The Athletic Club :

1.       The Club shall consist of the members of the staff and students with the Principal as Ex-Officio President.

2.       The Executive Committee of the Nayagarh College Athletic Club shall consist of :

          a.       The Principal - Ex-Officio President

          b.      Eight to eleven members of the teaching and nonteaching staff shall be nominated by the Principal and one of them shall be nominated as Vice-President.

          c.       The Physical Education Teacher.

          d.      The Secretary to be elected in the manner given in Rule 3 (e).

          e.       One class representative from each of the classes.

          f.       Two women students to be elected by the women students of the College.

          g.      Captains of Football, Hockey, Cricket, Kabaddi, Basket ball, Volley ball and such other organised out door games as might exist in the College.

          h.       One or two more students shall be nominated by the Principal if the Principal thinks that in the interest of the Athletic Club this nomination is necessary.

Note   :        In the absence of any Captain, the Vice-Captain shall attend the meeting of the Council in his place and shall enjoy all the privileges of the Captain for that time.

3.       Election Rules :

          a.       The election shall be held by secret ballot or when the Principal decides, by show of  hands.

          b.      The Vice-President, the Physical Education Teacher and the Secretary shall be responsible for holding the election for Captains and Vice-Captains of different games.

          c.       All Class Representatives shall be elected at such a time and in such a manner as the Principal may determine. Captains and Vice-Captains of different branches of the Athletic Club shall be elected from among those students who have played in the inter College team of the College in any particular branch or otherwise from among the players of that particular branch.

          d.      The Secretary and the Assistant Secretary shall be elected from the students directly by the Students at the time of the students’. Union elections or at a time fixed by the Principal. Any student from +3 Degree classes can contest for the Post of Secretary whereas any student from +3 1st year and 2nd year Classes can contest for the post of Assistant Secretary.

          e.       The Secretary or the Assistant Secretary shall not be captain for any game. If any student is elected both as Secretary and Captain, he shall resign from one of the two offices.

          f.       The Athletic Club will elect Captains, Vice-Captains or Secretary in case there are vacancies owing to one of them leaving the College during a session.

4.       Tenure of Office :

          a.       The tenure of office shall be for one session only.

          b .     The Vice-President and Secretary of the previous session shall carry on the work of the following session till the election takes place.

          c.       If the Secretary elected in the previous session does not join the College in the following session, the vice President may carry on the work of the Secretary or may nominate another Secretary till the elections are held.

          d.      The Football Captain elected in the previous session shall continue to be the captain till the next election if he joins the College in the following session.

          e.       If the Football Captain elected in the previous session does not join the College in the following session, the Vice-captain elected in the previous session shall serve as Captain in the following session till the elections are held.

          f.       If both the Football Captain and Vice-Captain elected in the previous session do not join the College in the beginning of the session, the Vice-President shall nominate a Captain till the next elections are held, if he finds that the work cannot be managed without a Captain.

          g.      Excepting Football, both the Captain and the Vice captain of any game shall not be chosen from among the students of the same year of +3.

          h.       If the work of the elected Secretary is found to be unsatisfactory, he might be asked by the Principal to resign and another Secretary might be nominated by the Principal to carry on the work till the next election.

          i.        If a Captain absents himself from the field continuously for fifteen days without sufficient reason, he will  ipsofacto cease to be the Captain.

          j.        The out-going Secretary will hand over the charge of his office to the newly elected Secretary as early as possible after the new Secretary is elected in accordance with the direction of the President.

5.       Annual General Meeting :

          There shall be an Annual General Meeting of the Club, the date of which will be fixed by the Principal. At this meeting the Secretary will read out his Annual Report and a statement of account, for the academic year under review will be presented by the Vice-President. Amendments to the rules of the Club, if any, will be considered at the meeting and the Resolution of amendments will be forwarded to the Principal for his consideration.

6.       Work of the council :

          They shall consider the budget prepared by a subcommittee consisting of the Vice-President, the members of the staff in charge of different games, the Physical Training Instructor, the Secretary and the Captains. The Vice President of the previous year, if available, may be invited to attend,

          a.       General Management of the Club.

          b.      Promotion of games and athletics among the students.

          c.       Consideration of reports of the Blue-sub-committee for the award of College Blues.

7.       Limitations of Power of the Council :

          The Principal can veto any resolution passed by the Council. He is the final authority in all matters of the club including any interpretation of the constitution. If the Executive Body is neither fully formed nor is in session the Principal shall be the sole authority to spend money from the Athletic Club fund, whenever necessary in the interests of the Club and the College.

8.       Work of the Vice - President :

a.       He shall be in charge of the accounts and all correspondences in connection there with including the ordering of goods.

          b.      He will be the General Superintendent of different games and athletic events.

          c.       He will appoint a Sub-Committee every year for each of the games :- Football, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Volleyball and Athletics to recommend names for the award of College Blues. He will also appoint a sub-committee every year to recommend for the award of the All Rounder Cup. He himself will be the Chairman of this Committee. Each Sub-Committee will consist of the member of the staff-incharge, the Physical Education Teacher and the Captains of the respective games (both ex-officios) two members of the staff, two student members and the Secretary of Athletic Club who will act as convener of the subcommittee.

9.       Work of the Secretary

          a.       He shall be the convenor of all General and Sub-Committee meetings.

          b.      He will prepare the annual report.

          c.       He will conduct all correspondences assigned to him by Vice-President, and

          d.      He will organise the College games with the assistance of the Captains and Vice-Captains.

10.     Work of the Captains :

           a.    They will select players for friendly and competitive matches.

          b.      They will be in-charge of grounds set apart for the games in their charge and.

          c.       With the Secretary they will be responsible for the organisation of the College games.

          d.      Neither the Secretary nor the Captains should arrange any match unless they have first obtained the approval of the Vice-President.

11.     The work of the Physical Education teacher :

          a.       To copy all the invoices in stock book.

          b.      To keep an account of sports goods.

          c.       To look after the playground.

          d.      To look after the programme of physical education and gymnasium.

          e.       To maintain records in connection with compulsory games, and

          f.       To do such other works in connection with sports and games as the Vice-President assigns to him.

12.     Work of the Professors-in-charge of games and sports :

          a.       The Principal shall nominate one or more than one members of the staff to be incharge of different games and sports.

          b.      The professor-in-charge of a games shall organie the games of inter college tournament. He will issue such notices with the knowledge of the Vice-President and the Principal. He wll assist the Vice-President whenever required.

        c.        Professors-in-charge of Athletic events shall assist the Vice-President in conducting the Annual  Athletic Meet of the College. They may be assisted by other members of the staff as directed by the Principal.