1.       The college Library has a total stock of 45,296 books including 21,150 Reference books and 24,146 Text books.

2.       The staff and students of the college as well as other persons specially permitted by the Principal may use the Library. Outsiders need to be registered members of the Library on payment of an earnest deposit to be determined by Principal from time to time.

3.       The Library remains open from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all working days.

4.       Books will be issued to students of different classes according to the time schedule notified from time to time by the Principal.

5.       No books shall be taken out of the library without the knowledge of the Librarian and until it has been properly issued by the library personnel in due procedure.

6.       Each borrower must examine and report the condition (if damaged) of the books before the issue from library. Otherwise, any damage, mutilation and discovered later, the concerned borrower shall be held responsible.

7.       Books shall be returned within the period allowed to a borrower.

8.       When the time for the return of a book falls on an authorised holiday, it may be returned to the library on the day college reopens after the holiday.

9.       All books belonging to the library and in the possession of borrowers shall be returned to the library before the summer vacation or before the date notified for the purpose.

10.     Books borrowed from the library should be returned immediately on receipt of notice from the library authorities.

11.     No marginal or other notes or markings shall be made in the library books nor shall any picture or page be removed or torn or otherwise disfigured; in such cases the borrower shall replace a new  book  of the same  title and author with current edition

 12.    Although, ordinarily there is no restriction on the use of books in the library, the Principal has the right to stop the issue of certain books to all or some intending borrowers.

13.     If any borrower keeps a library book in his or her possession for more than the time allowed for the purpose, no books shall further be issued to him or her until the book concerned is restored to the library. Further, the defaulting borrower shall be liable to pay Rs 1.00 per day of default. Default cases shall immediately be reported to the Principal.

14.     All those who happen to be inside the library or in its neighborhood are required to observe strict silence. Talking with mobile phone or talking except what is absolutely necessary for the transaction of library business, are forbidden inside the library.

15.     The librarian has the orders to see that the rule of silence is strictly observed and to report any willful breach of rules to the principal.

16.     The library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading or consulting the books and periodicals of the library.

17.     Dogs, cycles, sticks, bags, briefcases, personal books and other articles (not connected with the study of books) should not be brought to the library premises.

18.     Spitting, smoking, sleeping inside the library and putting one’s legs on the library furniture are strictly forbidden.

19.     Cases of incivility either on the part of the intending borrowers or on the part of the library staff or of any unauthorised persons who might happen to be inside the library shall at once reported to the Principal.

20.     Unauthorised entry into the library premises is prohibited.

21.     None but members of the teaching staff, the ministerial staff, demonstrators and the research scholars may go beyond the library counter. Persons who have got special permission from the Principal may also work inside the stock room of the library.

22.     The outside members specially permitted by the principal will have to pay a library caution money of Rs 500/- (refundable) along with their annual member fee of Rs 120/- . An outside member is allowed to take only two books not beyond the cost of their caution money i:e Rs500/-.

23.     The following is the list showing the maximum number of books that may be issued to the various categories of borrowers:

          a.      Members of the teaching staff                 20 each

          b.      Ministerial staff                                         03 each

          c.      Demonstrator                                           10 each

          d.      Librarian                                                   10 each

          e.      Outside members specially

                   Permitted by the Principal                        02 each


          f.       Degree student                                         02 each

                      g.      + 2 student                                                01 each

          (More than one volume bound together, are treated as one book.)

24.     A book once issued to a borrower, may be re-issued to him only when nobody else wants to take the book. Books before re-issue shall be presented before the Librarian for necessary entries in the register.

25.     Books of reference, maps, and text-books. University calendars, current issues of periodicals, courses of studies and rare books shall not be issued out of the Library without special permission of the Principal.

26.     Members of the teaching staff, research scholars, the ministerial staff, Demonstrators may take books from library on borrowers’ ticket; students also take books on borrowers’ ticket which will be issued to them only on the production of their valid identity cards along with admission receipts.

27.     Each year’s “Text Books” as prescribed / recommended by the affiliating University and Council is earmarked and issue of such books be regulated as below.

          i)       Issue of such books is restricted to the concerned subject teachers.

          ii)       A borrower may be allowed to borrow only one copy of a text book at a time.

          iii)      While text books prescribed / recommended for the year in question be issued to the concerned teacher for one session and a student may be allowed to borrow it for one month only.

A teacher is not allowed to borrow a Text Book of another discipline at present (due to limited number of books), but can borrow books of his/her discipline.

28.     Any book lost, damaged or defaced by a borrower must be replaced by him /her. If the book is one of a set or series and the volume cannot be obtained single, the whole set or series must be replaced at the borrower’s cost. Should the books be rare and irreplaceable, the borrower must pay an amount up to a maximum of double the recent catalogue price of the book. In case the recent price is not available, the cost of the books may be assessed by increasing one fold of the catalogue price for each Period of five years from the year of publication.

29.     In case, the price of the books lost cannot be ascertained, the borrower shall pay, as compensation, an amount fixed by the principal.

30.     A student who wants to enter the Library premises should show his/ her valid identity card to the receptionist sitting by the gate.

31.     No student is allowed to enter in the library premises without college uniform.


32.     In the Reading Room one book or a journal at a time may be issued to a student on call slip. All books and journals must be returned to the librarian 15 minutes before the library closes for the day. If a student fails to return the book/Journal within the time allowed, a fine of Rs. 1.00 per day will be imposed until he returns the book or journal. Under no circumstances the library fine will be exempted.

33.     To borrow a book from the library, a student should deposit one of his/her library cards at the library counter. When he /she return the book shall take back his/her library card from the library personnel.

34.     Teacher and Students must surrender their borrowers’ ticket at the library at the time of obtaining clearance

35.     If a borrower loses his/her borrower’s ticket a duplicate borrower’s ticket will be issued to him/her by the library by producing an affidavit or submission of money receipt of Rs. 20/- only from the Accounts Section. (This is not applicable to the borrowers who have surrendered their cards for any purpose or to those who will not use the library at present). They are liable to pay only the cost of the borrower’s tickets lost or surrendered. The cost of borrower’s ticket may be fixed as per current price.

36.     Breach of library rules makes a borrower liable to penal proceeding and loses his rights to use the library.

37.     All are to keep their personal belongings (including books and Luggage) in the staff Reading Room.

38.     Nobody is allowed to enter the Stock Room without the permission of the Librarian.

39.     All the rules are subject to amendment as and when necessary.


Reading Room

1.       Reading Room is an integral part of the college library. It is an open access library which provides an opportunity to make best use of leisure time by going through books, journals periodicals, magazines and newspapers.

2.       It remains open from 10.00 a.m. to 4 p.m. on all working days of the college.

3.       The staff and students of the college and persons with special permission of the principal may use the Reading Room.

4.       No student is allowed to enter in the Reading Room without college uniform.

5.       A user of the Reading Room must produce his/ her valid identity card/special permission, and register his /her signature along with class, Roll No. department, arrival and departure time in the register kept at the entrance.

6.       No personal books, bags, umbrella, sticks are allowed into the Reading room. The users are required to keep their articles in the cloak Rack specially meant for the purpose and to collect them while leaving the Reading room.

7.       Internet facility is available in the Reading Room on payment of Rs.10/- per hour. But opening of social site and chatting is strictly prohibited.

8.       Before leaving the reading room, each reader must leave his/her reading material on the reading table with taking clearance from the reading room in charge.

9.       The users of the Reading room are subject to all other Library rules mentioned earlier


Book Bank:

          The Book bank has a stock of 4910 books to serve the needs of the students to a great extent, particularly of the poor and deserving students. It is partially funded by the UGC of India. Generous contribution to the library in cash or in the form of books will be gracefully accepted.

1.       The borrower can take the book paying the tenth of its price.

2.       At the beginning of the academic session, a notice will be given inviting applications from the intending borrowers.

3.       The borrowers shall have to return the books before filling up forms for the CHSE/Autonomous Examinations; other students shall have to return the books soon after the annual examination of the college is over. If a student wants to keep the book for another session, he /she has to re-borrow the book after paying one tenth price of the book.